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Gardens are NOT boring.

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Some people may think they have a boring piece of greenery outside of their house with a few flowers or trees but it’s completely the opposite. Gardens are home to many creatures.

Insects – Insects are the most common animals in your garden. They make their homes in nearly everywhere. In my garden worms, maggots, and spiders make homes in the ground. Earwigs , woodlice , Beatles , ants ,  slugs and snails under rocks or in flower pots. Bees and wasps in my Laurel Bush. And you can also see hover flies , house flies , daddy-long-legs , ladybirds , butterflies and moths around in our garden.

Birds – All the birds that come in and out of my garden are too many to count but here are just a few.

Blackbird , sparrow , blue-tit , gold-tit , chaffinch , green-finch , crow , magpie , wood-pecker , Robbin , and the best one is the Buzzard.

Thats most of the animals from my garden but the rarest ones that sometimes stay in my garden are mice and  hedgehogs. 

What you can do to attract more wildlife is to put in a bird feeder with fat balls that you can make yourself.

( see this website http://www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/projects/wildlife-gardening/how-to-make-fat-cakes-for-birds/34.html )

You can also plant more flowers to attract bees and butterflies. My recommendations are Butterfly bush , lavender and honeysuckle.

Also to attract hedgehogs build a hedgehog- house  ( see this website http://www.welshwildlife.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Build-your-own-hedgehog-house.pdf .)

Thats all for now folks ,Lily


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  1. By: theoneandonlylilz on November 4, 2012 at 8:51 pm      Reply

    To open up the links you copy and paste them to the search engine above. Or high-light it and click the option Open link and that takes you straight there.

    In case your wondering the links are the ones highlited in red and blue.

    Lily :)

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