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Animal of the week No.1

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My first animal of the week is ….

The Anaconda

The Anaconda is a snake that lives in the rainforest . It’s normal length is 7.5 meters but the largest Anaconda known was 28 feet long. It is a constrictor which means it kills it’s prey by stunning them with a bite and then wrapping round it tightly then using it’s jaws to open up very wide and swallow the prey whole. It can eat from mice to deer but it has also eaten dogs children and crocodiles!!! It’s hunting method works very well as constricting stops the preys blood pumping. Even though it lives in the rainforest some Anacondas make themselves comfortable in small towns. Anacondas can live up to 30 years.

Anaondas habitat is the swamps of the rainforests.

Anacondas give birth to 25-35 young at a time.

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